Away from the THINK TANK for a couple weeks.

I’ll be leaving for China on Friday, June 19th, so I won’t be able to monitor the T.T. until I return to the office again on June 30th. No, I won’t be working on a pizza project. This time I’ll be working with a bun supplier for Mc Donalds.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Have a rice trip :smiley:

Enjoy your trip!..

PS…They do have internet over there…lol…

Please don’t remind me. We will be giving seminar presentations essentially every day while there, and after a full day of that, all I want to have is a little comfort, “the southern” kind, or whatever I can pour out of a bottle, so I can pour myself into bed at night. I also have a firm policy of no computer and no cell phone when I’m on a client’s ticket, unless its for the client as a part of the assignment.
Tom Lehmann/TDD

Thats a good stance to take Tom but to be really honest I think you’d be wise not to take a cell phone or laptop in any case, not with that pesky hamburglar around…

Tom did those storms in China delay your trip?..

What storms?

some reports state the delays were caused by heavy rain although there are a few reports of light snow, just a mcFlurry!

I really ought to get out more…

Wow! Intense thunderstorm and 11mm of rainfall, I haven’t seen a half inch of rain cause so much disruption since I was in Saudi Arabia. Here in Kansas we get three times that in a passing shower.
Hopefully, Mother Nature will have cleared her throat by the time I get there and the weather will have settled down. Thanks for the info.
Tom Lehmann/TDD


come visit me if u have a chance. i’m guessing u will be southern china .

Tom how was your trip?