Away from the Think Tank

I’ll be away from the Think Tank all of next week while I’m searching the woods and mountains of beautiful, north west Arkansas looking for a deer to volunteer for my next batch of venison jerky.
I should be back again on the 23rd.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Good luck on your hunting trip. If you were to come visit me I have a dozen white tails that hang out in my back yard this time of the year.

I hit one with my jeep a couple weeks ago. Damage was over $10k. here is a picture. … 16&subject

Richard (Daddio);
I know how that goes with hitting them with a car. In the past 7-years, between my wife and I, we’ve hit three deer, and have had several near misses.
When it comes to hunting deer, bullets are a lot cheaper than cars! Each of our collisoins cost around $2,000.00 each.