Awww...Come On Point Of Success!

We had another awesome Friday last night that showed me that we really need to get a POS in our shop pronto, plus had big enough sales that I could get the software today (final day that it’s 15% off) and then try and look around to get the hardware I need during the next week or two.

So, one of my employees offered to stay late so I could run home and order it real quick (he uses it at the other shop he works at and loves it). Of course, I discover that Point Of Success can’t just be ordered from the website. For some reason they make you have to find a vendor, so I wasn’t able to get it.

Guess I’ll, keep shopping around. For those of you who have Point of Success, what vendor did you use? Does it really matter? Any other POS systems I should be looking at now that I’m not making a rushed purchase?

I dont think there are any software or pos system you could just go online and purchase. Its a detailed purchase that needs to be customized to your store. Its really not that easy to just choose and buy right away. There are tons of factors to consider when choosing one. Its a huge investment that you don’t want to rush.

Just wondering though, you had to run home to check? You don’t have the internet in your place?

you can d/l & run/design the s/w demo 4 30 days then pay & register

You can buy it directly from Point of Success by calling their office. 1-800-752-3565

I’m sure if you talk to them, this post could be proof I suppose, the would honor the 15% off. Their good people.

The benefit from buying from a vendor is that they’ll help you with hardware, set up, networking, support, etc. if you need that.

I ordered/ douwnloaded Point of Success from their website. I called them though to pay for the order via CC. They then sent me a link to download and install. Was quite seemless

Wait, so you downloaded the software? Then what? What good is it after you download the software? Dont you have to have equipment + setup, menu setup, networking etc?

Yes. that is to the pleasure of the entity purchasing the software. I built three systems myself. With some challenges, but I can fix it myself, mostly!

i built the system myself, the network is easy using XP and a router, even if you get a tech to do it for you it shouldn’t cost much, easy system to set up. You could even hook up the computers or terminals yourself and put them where you want and have the techy simply hook up the network cable and set up the network for you and printers. If your somewhat computer savvy you can set up the menu yourself, allow some trial and error time but it shouldn’t take you more than 20 hours for a simply pizza outfit. Watch when you start to do test orders not to close the day off…

Uhhh…no. This is a pretty antiquated shop. Pretty much everything is running the same as it was when it opened 15 years ago.

Just grab the demo off their website and do all that? I expected it to just be another “interactive experience”.

My pocket aces on this was that I’m fairly tech savy, but my brother is a government contractor for a lot of networking installs and has done several private sector POS installs (you wouldn’t believe the intricacies of some of his systems). Plus, he has a boatload of hardware sitting around that he’s been hoarding.

By the way, I was thinking I would be able to order the software and would get CDs shipped to me that I could install when I had all the hardware in place. Not necessarily be able to download it right away.

We don’t make you find a dealer, but there are many dealers who can help you if you need it. We extended our offer until February 13. Now you have time to call us!

@Jeff - Will you be at the NAPICS show in a couple of weeks? I’d like to “see” the software in person and had some minor issues with the download.

(btw…sorry if mentioning another trade show is a protocol breach or anything! ) :oops:

Nope, we don’t do the NAPICS show. The most common problem with the demo is that it is live software, not one of those fancy slide shows. Since it is real software it includes a database server. When connecting to the database server your firewall program asks if you want to allow access or keep blocking. You need to allow communication with the database server. Lots pf people think the demo is trying to access the internet for nefarious reasons so they don’t allow access. Say “Unblock” and the demo will work fine.

If you continue to have problems, I would love to talk to you on the phone to see if I can help.