b.o.g.o. question

ate at a shop that has buy any pizza get another for free equal or lesser value place is always busy been there for years how can they make any money we got a combo and meat lovers for 20.00 bucks wtf :smiley: and they have always had this special.

What size pizza? If a 14" pie, thats not that crazy. I sell 2 16" specialties for $21.99 with free delivery. In most markets $20 for a 14" combo is far higher than the average price, so are they really offering a BOGO. What if I wanted a pizza by myself. Would I still have to buy two for $20?

it doesnt matter what size we got 2 16 inch pies if you only want one its still reg. price

the meatlovers pie was 17.95 got the combo for free if i didnt want the free one it would still be 17.95 for meatlovers.

If I do the food cost based on my costs and recipes I come up with 39.33% food cost. Still leaves $10.90 to pay the bills. Thats more than the contribution margin for my average ticket. My food isn’t as high as a percentage as this, but he probably isn’t delivering for free. What type of place is this? Sit down, Delco, carryout only?

What do ya’ll think of … purchase a supreme, get a 12" cheese for 5 bucks?

hey paul thanks its dine in carry out only no del.

I’ve run BOGOF on large pizzas, carry out only for a long time and it has a great following:

  1. it allows us to tempt the people who feel we are expensive on one pizza
  2. it takes some of the burden of delivery from us (we have 8-10 drivers on each weekend)
  3. when you offset the cost of not delivering this against the food cost its still a good deal.

When we started we run it on a Sunday only and it nearly doubled sales. Then it got a bit confusing for customers as some expected it all week and other simply didn’t read the sign in the window that said ‘SUNDAY SPECIAL’ so we decided to do it all week.

I’ve just gone to Buy One get the second for $1 to offset some of the food price increase.

One of my best coupons is Free Med 1 top with any lg or xl.
I have just recently gone to any xl instead of lg or xl.
I am also trying out the offer to be any specialty and get a free med 1 top.

The first offer gets wonderful returns.