Back again...

Last June or so, my financial backing went away. Things were simply not falling in place so that the money people felt comfortable.

Over the weekend, it’s back. A location has come up which would be, if not perfect, a very good fit for our purposes. Nothing at all is certain, but many things are pointing positive already.

It’s been a long most of a year…I don’t want to jink anything, so I’m not going to say much more. But, my original concept is again in play…a lunch buffet/salad bar, meeting room(s), occasional live music, 2 or 3 crust types.

Thanks to everyone who shared and discussed a year ago, and all who I met at the 2012 Expo. I hope to see you all again, and continue learning from you all.


I was just looking at the mug stacking from last year and wondered what you wer up to. Best of luck with your opening.

We’re a far cry from opening, but it’s promising. Sometimes things happen for a reason, right?