Back in the Saddle again hahaha

well we open up tomorrow after almost 2 years of being closed working with my Son who actually owns the business but happy (I think) to be slapping the dough again

please send prayers for me I am very afraid about tomorrow because we have a descent following and are planning on slamming us


Good luck with the venture.
When pizza sauce is in the blood it’s hard to get away from it.
Nothing to worry about … it will be like getting back on the bike
Hope they swamp you and you sweat hard, get flustered, swear and curse … but make heaps of sales and build a big data base for your future success

Have fun in the midst of the coming madness Fatboy! Most of all, never forget you are working WITH your son…working with family can be a blessing, or a curse. Fight hard to keep it a blessing and supportive of each other 's goals and dreams.

Thanks Guys

Good luck Dennis…And sorry for saying this, but I hope you get “slammed”…Nothing gets you into the game as quick as getting “slammed”…

How did it go Dennis?

exhausted a little busy just outa shape its been 2 yrs since I made pizzas just need a good night sleep

thanks everyone

Congrats and happy holidays Dennis!

Just a little curious… Is this business in the same town as the old one? Has the local economy revived? Have you substantially changed your business model?

Good luck and best wishes!

Can’t keep a fat man down! As a respected member here often says . . . . keep the dough off the ceiling.

I can’t recall ever saying that …!!! :lol:

Now lets not get in a discussion about Fat Men…lol…

well 1st week in the books did about 5500 and that was about what i expected just opened the doors and a little facebook chatting.

just got to get crew in the groove and all should take off

Halliburton is our biggest employer around here and they are cranking

also readjusted expenses overhead is about 50% of what it was just a small dining room about 20 seats
drivethru, C/O, & Delivery no buffet or Salad Bar no crazy pricing schemes

had the local elementary call and say they usually feed the 4th & 5th graders on Friday
she said they had been getting them from the LC’s in the town North of us I told I could sell her a Large 1 top for $7 and she said that LC also gave her the 6th free after each 5 bought I told I could not match that she said okay

I have already gotten 3 big orders from schools and a church we should get another 60 pie order fom our own church this week

Thanks for all the support


Sounds like things are going great! Congrats and welcome back!

Liz Barrett

Congrats and good luck!

I really like the leaner business model in your ‘newer’ marketplace. I am very interested and optimistic to see your results play out. You have a good reputation to pull from . . . and the buffet pressures gone could improve costs of goods nicely enough to leverage some encouraging profitability. Game on and every Friday I wear the shirt from your place . . . solidarity and nostalgia for the pizza biz.