back-to-back pizzas in conveyor

I have a blodgett mt3255 (master-therm) and have the ability to put 2 16" pizzas side by side down the belt. A little darker on the inside than the outside of the pizzas, but all in all, side by side works ok. When putting 2 more pizzas right behind the first 2, second set come out to white and have to be slid back in to brown up more. Is this normal for conveyors and is there any standard rule for trying to fill up your conveyor with pizzas?



I try to leave a 2 inch space between the pizzas to allow better airflow around them. I find I get a more even cook this way.

It may be that your blodgetts have the “old style” burner tubes in them. They tend to recover more slowly and have trouble cooking every pizza when loaded up. It is possible to retrofit them and the refurbished ones available now have more energy-efficient controllers available… I’m waiting on a set for my ovens right now.

who is doing the reto-fit for you???

Hi Peterg

Your experience is unique to some Blodgett ovens. The XLT, Lincoln and Middleby ovens do not have that problem.

George Mills

We’ve always had whichever company we’ve bought the refurbished Blodgetts from make sure they had the newer burner tubes (plus all-digital controllers - those analog ones drove me insane). I’ve got a guy out of Lexington, KY that sells the completely refurbished ovens (and he’s the one trying to order the new controllers for us) then our local equipment-service guy installs everything.

I can dig up our oven supplier’s number if you want it - just PM me. Although, he’ll likely try and talk you into trading in the ovens you have for some refurbs…

Thanks brad, but I’ll pass on your contact for now … couldnt afford to switch out or upgrade at this point, was just wondering if it was oven manufacturer or someone else.

George, sounds like your saying you have heard this with blodgett conveyors before … guess I will just have to figuere out the beast and live with it … :slight_smile:

Thanks again …


I think Brad nailed this one. I’ve seen this problem with some of the very early air impingement ovens, but I haven’t seen it for a good many years now. I know that both Middleby and Lincoln addressed the problem with new burners and adding an additional controller. I was just working with a Lincoln FastBake oven last week and we had a special order of 20-16-inch pizzas. We ran those pizzas through the oven back to back, side to side, without a hint of space between them and they all came out perfect, all 20 of them. That was a pretty sight! This isn’t unique to the FastBake oven, any of the newer air impingement ovens are up to the same task. That’s progress.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor