Back to School Blues

School started around here for us yesterday and sales yesterday and today have been horrible…about 50% of what a normal Wed and Thur have been.

We have been in business for 15yrs and I am used to Back to School time being somewhat slower, but not any where near as slow as it has been the last couple of days.

Anybody else see such a drastic drop in sales since school has started?

School started back up in my town two days ago and sales have taken a huge dump (compared to Wed/Thurs business through the summer). Last year I saw a marked drop right out of the gate as well, but things rebounded once folks got back into their routines.

School went back here on August 23rd and our sales took a 20% nosedive. We’re starting to see a nice pickup this week though.

Our weekdays dropped about 50% like you, but our Friday and Saturday nights picked up so we were only down 20% for the two weeks following back to school. As soon as school goes back my weekdays drop big time but my Friday and Saturdays jump.