Back Up Your Data

Sometime during the night yesterday the hard drive on my POS server at the Campus location died an untimely death. Not a big deal really, just move the back-up files to another station and convert it into a Main. Except, the tech guy searches all the hard drives on my stations and tells me, “It doesn’t look like any of your other computers have been backing up…” Seems that they never turned on the copy routines when they installed the new computers last year.

Just… wonderful… Now what should have been a simple fix has become an adventure in forensic data recovery.

So, let my pain serve as a warning to you all: Be sure your digital files are being backed up regularly!

Which POS system are you using?

did your tech guy pull the drive from your server and put it in another computer as a secondary drive in an attempt to retrieve the data? just because you cant boot your computer, doesnt mean the data is gone, unless of course, he wiped the drive to get the server operational again.

We were running our network off a Snap Server. Apparently, there are only a handful of places around the country that actually work on such a device as I’ve now come to learn. After a couple weeks in a clean room having some tech repair the damaged drive areas by hand, the data is finally getting shipped back to me today.

Why do I always have to learn my lessons the hard way?