Bacon Topping

A few months ago, my rep said bacon was going to rise.
Its been steadily rising for a while.

I use cudahy clubhouse bacon as bacon topping. I pay $65 for 10lbs.
We actually lose money everytime someone orders bacon on pizza. Im not sure if the public sees bacon as a premium topping, it kind of stresses me out.

Whats everyone paying and charging?

We buy bacon ends slice them in the slicer and cook them one run through the oven. It’s about $21 for a 15lb case

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Wow thats awesome! Thanks for the tip

how long does it take to slice it up and is it a pain to do it?

Pay 61.80 for 10lbs. Charge as a premium (2x the regular topping price)

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Steve anyone give you attitude about it being premium price?
Im at $2.40 my cost.

No it’s real quick first we partially freeze it then throw it in the tube attachment and slice it’s done in minutes

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1/100 people, maybe less.

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How are you losing money? How much do you charge per topping per size of pizza? How much bacon to you put on? I pay around $60/10lbs. If you’re at $0.41/oz you shouldn’t need more than 3oz on a 16” your at $1.23. We get $2.00 a topping for our 16”.

We used to charge a premium price for some of our toppings till someone asked me how many times does it get ordered compared to your cheaper toppings? You’ll make up the difference and more. Why make it confusing. Just keep all the pricing the same.

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We use 5oz of topping for a 16oz which equals out to 2.06 cost

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Oh wow, yes than you are losing money. I would either scale down the portion, charge a premium or remove it from menu.

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Yes we charge the premium. $3.98 on a 16". I think this is the route December should go

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agreed on deluxe pricing going forward for me as well. We also use a Cudahy product 1" diced @ $5.90/lb so even if we scale back at 5oz for an 18" pie we need to charge our deluxe topping price of $3.00 vs regular topping of $2.00 to cover our food cost of $2.21 @ 6oz

I currently pay $54 for 10#

Holy cow you guys are paying $5-$6 per pound? I buy raw slices for a little under $3 per lb. par bake and chop it.

Personally don’t want to deal with the raw meat and time to cook/chop the bacon

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I bought a product from Sysco, bacon ends and pieces raw. $30/10lbs
After cooking I ended up paying about
$54 for the case, not including all the clean up of bacon fat off the sheet pans.
Definitely not worth it.

I can get cudahy bacon topping for $54/10lb case but I prefer the clubhouse bacon slices that we just break apart when bacon is ordered as a topping. We use significantly less this way, and it can be used for subs too, whereas bacon topping cant be used for most subs

I mean it might be worth the time. I use 2” shallow full size steam table pans with 18” aluminum foil on them. No clean up. And I cut the bacon on a 12” unfolded pizza box so I don’t even have to clean a cutting board. I Just throw the box in the cardboard recycling pile. Total prep time is maybe 5 minutes and 10 to cook. I do it in the morning same time as when I cook my sausage and precook my wings.

On my menu I charge
$1 for up to 2 toppings
$2 for up to 4 toppings
$3 for unlimited toppings

That a for all pizzas and includes all toppings other than steak and chicken tenders. Keeping overhead low transfers the savings to the customers.

And you throw away the steam pan? Include that in your cost.
Not sure about your trash co, but I know pizza boxes (because of grease) aren’t accepted in residential recycling. I wouldn’t think they would appreciate a greasy box messing up their process.

On the other hand, you mention precooking wings. Are these fresh or precooked? We use precooked and would like to precook them (daily?) to avoid running them through the oven 2x when ordered all day.

When you run them through the oven are the precooked wings from frozen or refrigerated?

If your doing it from refrigerated than it wouldn’t matter because you would still have to refrigerate them again after Pre cooking them and then run them through twice again to get them to temp. If your going from frozen I would suggest defrosting them and keeping them refrigerated and see if they get to temp with only one pass through the oven.

If you want to precook them and leave them out and then reheat them you would have to sell them within 4 hours.

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Haha I don’t throw away the stainless steel steam pan, just the foil. I use fresh wings, never frozen. 10-15 minutes in the oven. Then bag by the dozen and refrigerate, fry to order.
The pizza boxes get recycled. A little grease on them doesn’t affect anything. Paper material gets heated and chemical treated to break it back down to pulp to make new paper products. Think of all the other stuff mixed in there. I’ve eaten meat lovers pizzas that leave more grease in a box lol.