Bacon Topping

Yep I do this too. I charge 2x for a several toppings - goat cheese, Italian beef, bacon, salami.

For bacon topping, I already use a 10-14 ct bacon ($2.99/lb) for my burgers and paninis so I just use that. I put on a sheet pan for 6 mins at 350 degrees in the convection oven so it’s par-cooked then dice it up and keep for pizzas. I used to use “bacon topping” from US Foods or Restaurant Depot but it’s $5.65/lb and I refuse to skimp on toppings so I changed that out for the 10-14 ct bacon. Nearly half the price and the same product.

Side note: Anyone tried using Trappey’s Buffalo Sauce? I found it at RD about 6 months ago and they said they just brought it in. It was in the same exact container and color as Frank’s Buffalo Sauce so I tried it and it’s the exact same thing! Trappey’s is $34/cs for 4/1 gal while Frank’s is $47/cs. We sell a buttload of wings each week so this might not be a big savings for some, but for me it is and it’s the same product.

I bought a jug of trappeys a couple years ago due to price. I dont remember the taste. But I do remember the color was weird shiney orange, and I didnt like it.

I pay about $45 for a 24 lb case of end pieces. I cook them in an electric smoker for a couple hours at 225F, you can use many types of wood or pellets. Drain the fat (you’ll lose about 25% of weight), refrigerate overnight, run them through a slicer. My finished food cost is about $2.50 per pound for EXCELLENT cooked bacon. It’s important to neither overcook or undercook, not too hard to figure out. The price can’t be beat for the quality.