So normally I get my bacon from Restaurant depot, 3/8 fully cooked pieces for 31.00.10lbs in a pinch I will get some from gfs as well but it has been a while but it is usually around 16 dollars for 3 lbs. In my area there was a recall on the bacon at RD, so stopped by GFS…WTF 24.99 for 3 lbs. is that same prices where you guys are?

I just paid $4.56 a pound for cooked bacon from SOFO.

I last paid 51.18 for 10# cooked bacon pieces. It’s really good bacon . . . but I long for $39.58 for 10#

I bit the bullet the other day and had to grab a bag from GFS. RD didn’t have anything when we went there Saturday. I almost went to Walmart and bought some of the generic bacon to fry up and dice myself.

One day, after I found out we ran out of bacon the night before, my boy and I tried to “make” bacon with some shaved ham and the deep fryer…key word being “tried.”

I pay $3/lb for fully cooked custom bacon from my friendly neighborhood butcher.