Bad, Bad Customer

And VERY bad pizzaman! Who hasn’t at least thought of doing something like this?


holy cow. :shock:

Is the saying correct? Any publicity is good publicity?

I’ll take a calzone with a side of pistol whip!

Pretty funny, I know there have been some customers over the years that I would have loved to have pistol whipped myself, but there were always an annoying preponderance of witnesses about… Aside from the pistol part, this sounds like something one of my old bosses would do, he had the cops called on him at least 5 different times during the period I worked with him. It was almost always over free food too, he was the kind of guy that pinched a nickel till it bled, and always though everyone was out to scam him.

There used to be a poster on here awhile back who used the name Goomba. Wonder if its the same guy???

A search of the archives shows that our Goomba is in Philly…

ahhh, you beat me too it! I was just gonna post that… The guy in the news is from Florida and as Royster stated, the one here is in Philly.