Bad Checks

Advice on a service to collect?
What if they are on a closed account (rather than NSF)?
I’ve been getting too many, and of course they’re all big orders (with tips)…

I’ve implemented some better policies for accepting checks, but I’d still like to have a backup to attempt collection in case I keep getting a trickle.

Seems like about 1 a week…


I got the state statute for draft account fraud, and follow it meticulously. Your local magistrate court should be able to direct you some.

We collect about 95% of our bad checks with letters in the mail . . . one has gone to prison for three months rather than pay, and another moved out of state before and arrest was made. That’s only legal actions I can remember in about 3 years open, and we are aware how lucky we are.

I just don’t take checks because of that reason… They do have “electronic check” machines now, you just take the check, zip it though the machine, it stamps it and automatically withdrawls from the persons account. If the account is closed or has NSF, you know right then.

I’m thinking about getting this but have not found a supplier yet.

That doesn’t help on delivery orders though…

Let me clear up some confusion.

The Check Clearing Service you are speaking of is ECC (Electronic Check Conversion).

The Myth is that “you know immediately” if the money is in the account or if it is an Open account. That is not true. ECC converts a Check to an electronic deposit that is settled through the same system as Credit Cards, (aka ACH). You won’t know if the account has money, or is open, until the check is submitted.

The process only checks whether the account holder is LISTED on a “Bad Check Writers” database.

Now, most services have a Check Guarantee Program tied to ECC so if a Check comes back or is closed you are Guaranteed your money, assuming you have those individual enhancements on your program.

If you are interested in ECC I can send you some information as we supply both the machines and the Service. We use the Omni 3750/Vx510 and the CR1000i Check Imager.

These are only valid for face to face transactions as one of the requirements is to stamp the Check VOID and hand it back to the Check writer.

i only accept checks from businesses, and a few local people who i’ve known for years. My policy is to accept no checks period. Everyone pretty much has a debit card linked to their checking accounts, so debit cards are the alternative.

I have noticed a trend forming here.

I have a 3 location Pizaa Shop and an 4 location BBQ Rest as my clients/customers and, as of Jan 1st, they no longer accept checks period.

I did notice that one of the locations placed an ATM machine in his Rest and believe it or not the ATM fees he earns actually covers the lease of the ATM Machine itself.

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Delivery Checks

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OK, CD - so what IS your website…I’ll take a look.

first of all, get all the info… Drivers license number or SSN phone numbers and addresses. Never take starter checks. The prosecuting attorney can do a better job if they have all the info. Also we use a service called security Check.