Bad day in Store what to do?

I just had one of the worst days in in my store history. I had a lot of employees sick this week and we were short handed. The question i have is besides calling everyone of my customers (which is what Im gonna do) What should I do to make sure all my customers are happy.
Thank you in advance for any ideas. Also to give you an idea how busy I was I had 382 orders today.

That sounds like my friday LAST week they forgot to turn on the bottom oven so we were behind all night. I took care of the customeres that night I was giving away orders and discounts and free pop and whatever else it took to keep people happy. I only had 2 complaints and made sure I phoned them and gave them some free pizza. I think it is better to make them happy before they leave or when the order is deliverd then trying to do it the next day. Now saying that I think calling them all is a good idea feel them out and see what they say, ask them how their order was what could you do different if they say it was terrible you know ya got to give them some free food if its just a everything was fine but delivery was longer then normal maybe just a free soft drink or some breadsticks will keep them happy. Good luck and remember its days like that that can set you apart from the other guys if you really impress them with an apology!

If you’re fortunate enough to have a POS with addresses for all those customers, target them. Send them out an “Oops” coupon. BRIEFLY explain that you’re aware you had issues that night and apologize for the inconvenience. To show them you appreciate their business, give them a GOOD coupon. I’m talking about a specific coupon for a specific situation. “Oops, we screwed up and we know it. Please accept our apologies and this coupon for 50% off your next order.” This type of coupon should offer the customer a GREAT deal and as such, should be highly valued. Make sure your drivers collect them as you’re not a “half price shop”.

We mail Oops cards with $3.00 off. Works every time.

While mailing an oops we are sorry note is a great idea, I would do everything possible to handle the situation right when it happens. As a customer I like seeing a place that jumps right in and says we are sorry for our service tonight, and we know it should have been better so here is xx% off of your order tonight. It doesn’t give the customer time to stew about it, and possibly try a competitor in the time before you mail out your oops! Just a thought. Good luck!

David McGuire

My first thought is this: why are all your staff calling in sick? Are they really sick or are they feeling like they don’t matter to you, just the dollar. A happy staff makes for happy customers.

We often forget that we should treat our staff well. Just a thought.

That is a great point! I treat my staff as if they were family, and that helps in a big way. That being said there are still some young ones out there that treat you like they treat their family and expect to walk all over you! LOL! I have very strict policies in order to weed out the turkeys, and I pay pretty decent but if you have good attendance and work well you get a bonus on your check to make the pay great. I find this is a great incentive for the good ones, and I don’t have to waste too much on the not so good ones until I get them out. I hope you can find the root of your problem so that you fix it and move on. Good luck!

David McGuire