Bad experience with Peerless and

I just bought a Peerless c-131 oven from as a back up oven and I am disappointed with the quality of the construction and overall experience. One of the shelves was not attached. I told the dealer,, and they contacted Peerless who recommended reattaching the shelf with self tapping screws. They spot weld the shelves in place instead of running a bead of weld. The spot welds are a poor way to assemble a shelve holding a stone deck. I base this on my experience as a multiple pizzeria owner and because I am a mechanical engineer. Besides the poor construction, I am disappointed with their proposed solution of fixing it. I would never tell my customer to fix their own pizza if I delivered a defective pizza to them. I guess you get what you pay for with Peerless ovens. I also had to pick up the oven from the shipper as they required an appointment to deliver it to my restaurant and neither the shipper nor informed about that. This is my second and last Peerless oven I will ever buy (have a 2348P). I will also avoid for now on. I felt like it’s only fair that I tell the community about the poor experience I had with both Peerless ovens and

As the sales rep for I would like to thank Vinny for his post. I realize that issues arise when either the quality of the product or shipping inconsistencies occur and it is important that these are brought to my attention in order to work with my suppliers to ensure that my current and future customers are completely satisfied. I understand when someone buys a new product they do not expect to have to repair it when it arrives and I apologize for the inconvenience that this has created. The solution and Peerless offered was one that would solve the problem and provide an immediately functional oven and thereby eliminating down time for the restaurant while also enabling us to come to a reasonable long term solution. makes every effort to inform our customers of proper handling of accepting deliveries by providing tracking number and terminal information to customers to ensure awareness of anticipated arrival time as well as how to ensure the safe arrival of their equipment. . Our goal is to provide every customer that purchases through us a satisfactory experience and while we strive for perfection occasionally there is a breakdown and only through customer feedback can we improve our performance.

Since the customer says it’s intended as a backup, the immediacy factor is probably not as great.

What will the company do to provide a remedy?

I realize you don’t have to tell us all, just the customer, but it would be nice to know Peerless and will do the right thing.

I totally sympathize with the original post and the frustration. But I must add that I have never had any thing but great experiences with