Bad Night Question for Vets

Do you vets still get upset/worried after really bad days? I’ve been open about 6 months, things are going very well. We have made money since month two, but I still get totally stressed every time we have a bad night (like today).
Will this ever go away?

your always gonna have a few bad nights in the bunch… you have to take it month to month not day to day when figuring your “usuall” earnings.

As far as certian common days that you may be low (like Mondays)… thats when you introduce a “Monday Madness special” or something similar to draw in the crowds.

Yes it will go away it took 6 years for me to stop worrying but now because we are so busy I look foreward to a slow day once in awhile so we can catch up on things.

Thanks for the advice. I’ll try and relax instead of thinking the house of cards is falling on really slow days

One of the hardest decisions is when to call “bad night”. If you do it too early, you risk sending home folks you’ll need. If you do it too late, you can blow labor. You also need to determine from a management perspective who “eats” the bad nights. Do you send people home early, effectively taking money from their pockets or do you keep them on, paying them for non-revenue generating hours? Sure, there’s ALWAYS work to be done, but that’s the work no one likes to do… moving everything, wiping down fridge seals, etc.

Make no mistake of your motivations for being in business – you’re there to make money. However, so are your employees. Some rely on the income, some just enjoy the extra bucks. Often, you can find volunteers to leave early. Whatever you do, be fair and consistent.

never look at days…weeks on the other hand…

Good stuff… Thanks Guys