Bad pizza sauce

Has anyone had pizza sauce go bad in a few hours after making a batch. I have tossed 4 batches in two days. After an hour my sauce starts to bubble and has a terrible smell and seems to almost be carbinated. I use bella Rossa sauce, one cs per batch I then add my own spices + water same recipe and method for 15 yrs. Ive tried two different cases of sauce different run dates and times same problem. Could there be an enzyme in my spices? I boiled my spices today now cooling so will see???

I used to have the same problem with my sauce & I found out the employees were using hot water to make the sauce and that made the Puree react with the spices.

we have the same problem if the sauce gets warm or like Idaho says if you use warm water. keeping the sauce cool should fix your issue

Thanks for the feed back… Ya we use cold water i boiled my ingredients seemed to work.

Just make sure the tubs you use are thoroughly clean before using them. We wash ours out with hot water first.

Make sure you aren’t storing it in metal containers???

Kris… I wanted to add something I read a while back about the storage comment. This might be a stretch but maybe others will comment. I think we all know how storing in metal is bad because of the reaction with the contents and the containers…but this article that I read even said that by using a metal spoon or other utensil it could have the same effect on the contents. It seemed like a bit much but who knows. So just a thought about your prep and storage process. We all know how any metal reacts with lettuce…so maybe it holds true with sauces also.

Yeah…ya just never know. We make ours in our hobart mixer and the bowl is metal and such. Never had a problem but totally agree with what your saying.

I always thought it be interesting to make a metal cleaner out of red sauce. LOL

I think it is more of a temperature issue of some kind. From mixing to storing. (Not necessarily from the poster…there are just so many variables and as quick as it comes the issue gets resolved…Happens with dough and just about anything else.

Used to be you couldn’t store an opened metal can…is that still the case? :mrgreen:

Tomato acid is a lot stronger than people realize. At our production plant we have rows and rows of 300-1000 gallon steam kettles and we learned this the hard way in our first plant…that the concrete around the base of each kettle will deteriorate to small chunks of rock and powder in about 2 years of use. We had to plan this into the new plant with special spacers on the kettle feet that allow for the floor to be jack hammered out around the kettles without removing them. All thanks to tomato splatter! :shock:

Oh…yes you are still not too store anything in an open metal can. You would think by now that one would have been addressed by someone! :roll:

Two part epoxy flooring, baby.

I would suggest that you go for fresh sauce, in this way you won’t have problem. You can also keep ready made items and make sauce later on. Use fresh ingredients and use clean utensils and avoid copper or any metal. Use only stainless steel or plastic if possible.