bad time for an employee injury

We have a guy that has been our dough maker for three years. He has a key and comes in on his own at about 4-5AM. We pay him piece rate and he knocks out the dough 5 days a week.

Yesterday he called and said that he hurt his knee skiing and will not be able to work for 4 weeks. Dam.n! Next Wednesday we will begin the biggest 7 day period of the year (every year the 7 days from Dec 26 through Jan 1 are the biggest) where we will do 40-44K in a week. We need a dough maker so we are scrambling for it. Everybody is already doing overtime during this period so adding the work hours will be a tough thing to do if that is what we have to do.

Anyone want a free ski pass for two weeks? Come to our Colorado resort town, make dough every morning from 4 or 5 AM and ski all day free?

44k a week??? woooooooooowww … hows that possible

Biggest week of the year… Believe me, it is a wild ride. We are doing about half that this week.

One of my girls said she would love to but no passport and no where to stay.

Soo… get up early make lots of dough, and make even more dough! That is what I do when a key employee is off! Take there wages and add in the payroll taxes and put them back in your pocket plus the un-priceable fun factor and you just got a big bonus!

Merry Christmas!


Big bonus? Hardly. Right now, I would rather have the doughmaker. This is by a good margin the best business period of the year. I spend all day running around taking care of odd things as it is to do the 5-8K per day that we will be doing for the next two weeks. Last year from Dec 26th to Jan 14th we did $99,670 in sales. Saving the dough makers wage is the last thing on my mind.