Bagging cold sauces-seperate or with hot food?

Just curious if you guys bag your cold sauces with hot food. For example if someone ordered 12 wings and wanted 2 sides of ranch, would you bag the wings in one bag and the ranch’s in another small bag or would you just wrap the 2 cold sauces in foil and bag in the same bag. I for one don’t like my sauces that are supposed to be cold warm if I was ordering but I also would be more upset if I didn’t get my side of sauce at all. Also hot bags might be in warmer waiting for driver or customer. We have been bagging seperately and for most part works out great but it is extra work for kitchen since we label each bag with ticket number and how many bags and sometimes these small sauce bags get lost in translation.

Drivers are responsible for bagging so the sauces do not wait in the hot bag under the warmer. Then they tend to with the paper plates, napkins, parm and pepper in the side bag.

Extra’s are the responsibility of whomever is taking the order to the customer (ie counter person if it is a carryout, driver if it is a delivery). They bag the extra’s according to my policies.

We use a box for wings, and there is usually room inside the box for the dipping sauce. They do not get that warm by the time they are delivered. And carryout’s appreciate not losing/dropping them (half of our customer will put them in the box if we don’t anyways).

Here in Buffalo a lot of people order extra blue cheese with their pizza and wings. If it’s with a wing order, it goes in the wing box. If it’s with a pizza and there are no wings on the box, it’s separated.

We bag ours separately so they stay cold. They go in a bag with the cheese and peppers. This helps out the drivers with tips because they can directly hand the customer the goodies and impress upon the extra effort they put forth.

I have had drivers put them in the box in the past and received complaints about “hot ranch”. I changed the size of the cups a couple of years ago so they don’t fit in the box any more.

Hot Ranch! that’s gonna be the name of my band…if i ever learn how to sing.

Id like to bag separately, but I dont.
In the future I will. Once I get a new POS that can list every sauce/dressing I need ill change.
But for now it goes in the box w item corresponding.
It does get hot in the box, and the heat warps the souffle cup making the lid unsecure possibly making it tip over and spill on the product, it rarely happens but it can

Right in the box. No ones ever said anything in eight years.

Do you guys give packets of crushed red and parm for every delivery? Do you charge customers for them? We always offer for free to pickups but delivery is request only (still free). I actually hate it. Why…because for a little box of each it’s like in the $10-15 range and we easily go through each a week. Then it’s like how many do you give, some employees want to give away the whole box some don’t give enough. Now I portion them out by front counter help in free bosco bags. I mean over the course of a year that could buy you a brand new prep table or a 3 door fridge, etc, etc. a lot of things you could buy just for something that we give away. Do customers notice? I have in the past gone back and forth and no one ever batted an eye. I consistently offer it now because it’s the little things like that, that the customer appreciates, my wife told me as well, but at the same time is this really a necessity especially in today’s game of higher cost for everything. Already scrapped the peppermints a few years ago, the toothpicks. Are we in the business to give away things for free. The logic is do it because the customer likes it but does it really stop them from coming back if you didn’t? Just some of the crazy things no sane person should be thinking about but I’m sure you fellow pizza owners do. And I can atleast get a laugh out of that.

We don’t give every customer parm and crushed red unless they ask.

I am on the verge of charging for them ($0.10 each). Currently we only provide them upon request for deliveries, and for carryout we keep small bowls of them on the end of the counter (now opposite the door, not saying they are hidden they are just no longer right in front of the register).

Yes it is one of those perks we offer to keep customers happy, but things have changed. And we must change with them if we want to stay in business. If your model can support it and you don’t care. Sure go for it, but if you can no longer afford it and your customers don’t care. Why not ?

For 25 years I had tried everything to reduce the cheese and pepper packet cost.

  1. Rationing - give away “x” amount of packets per pizza
  2. Hiding them. As mentioned above
  3. Only if they ask policy
  4. Portioning our own in 1/2 oz solo cups
  5. Buying cheapo ones at Sams Club.

A few years ago I threw in the towel. Its a total free for all now. But one thing I did do is pay extra to have our logo and website printed on the packets. At least this way we have millions of little business cards piling up in peoples kitchen drawers.

The Domino’s in our area charge for them now. They are $1.00 for this little shaker thing. It does not go over well with the customers, as they have numerous online reviews calling them cheap and greedy.

That is a Great idea!

we do 1 teaspoon in small glassine bag, size 201, and a staple it has worked for years.

Pirate, Where do you get them printed for you?

My food supplier handles it. But the company is called Castle Importing. Based in Fontana CA. They said we were too small of a customer to print custom packets but my food supplier strong armed them into doing it.

Wish i could do that… hurm wonder if i could convince the others to go all in and do that

“Indy Pepper” and “Indy Parm” !!

Kind of miss out on the name recognition and phone number though…