Bags For Carry Out Customers

Lately I have had a number of customers ask it I have a bag for them to put their two 14" pizza boxes in. Does anyone use something like this?


I seem to remember about… oh geezuz I’m old… 18 years ago we had some plastic, logo’d pizza bags that we sold to customers for… I can’t remember (I’ll guess $5.00). These customers kept the bags and brought them to the store everytime the got a carryout. In return, we discounted their carryout pizzas and extra buck, turning that bag into a coupon if you will. It worked well and we had probably 50 regular customers that year. To tell you the truth, I don’t know why we stopped.

This is another reason why I frigging LOVE this site. I hadn’t thought about those cheap carryout bags in years. Good idea Daddio. You might be onto something. Sorry I can’t help you with the how and where part, but I’m interested to see if somebody can answer this question. -J_r0kk

I know where to get them for about $3 each. Let me know if that’s the kind of thing you want, or if you’re looking for a true plastic disposable carry bag (which I DON’T know about)…

MM writes:

I know where to get them for about $3 each. Let me know if that’s the kind of thing you want

Yep, that’s the one. What’s the 411?


Here 'ya go: … tlist.html

I found these too. I think they’re around the same price as the last link.

If you customize them I’m sure they’ll be more. Minimum order 25,000 pieces ??? Anyone wanna go halvzy’s ?

I have regular plastic bags that are long and flat. Without these in Japan customers get irate. Here is a pic to give you an idea of what I am talking about.

We used them years ago- I got stuck with thousands of bags (they take up a LOT of space!) - my customers would not buy them and I could barely give them away.

Don’t the plastic bags fill up with moisture from the steaming pizza?

Seems like these bags would lead to a lot of soggy pizza and boxes.

Some time ago I got some sample bags exactly as you describe. They were from THA BAG LADY. You might try their web site for prices. These bags were designed to be saved by the consumer for reuse. You could get them with your name/logo and contact information printed on trhe bag.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Tom and other experienced CO bag users,

I’m interested to know if it did make the pizzas/boxes soggy. I like the idea of customers carrying around a bag with my name and info on it. But if it gives my product a 10 minute steam bath before my customers eat it, it will alter the desired taste of our product.

Please let us that are new to the CO bag idea know about your experiences with them.


If I had those bags, I’m afraid more than a few of my customers would walk out of my store carrying their pizza by the bag handle - sideways!

I already have a few that carry their pizzas under their arm like a book. lol.

Could it have beeb YOUR BAG LADY?? I found this website with information. Decent prices and minimums. … /index.php

The whole top of the bag is open, so the steam problem is not that bad.

So, what is the purpose of the bag?

Anyone consider offering an environmentally sound bag. One made from fabric instead. If the customer is to used them over and over, a fabric one would be best… if made from hemp or cotton, it would breathe and not let the pizza get all soggy, like plastic would and would be kinder to our planet.

Or, do you have a long pizza box? If you have a long one and can fit 2 14" pizzas in them, you could package your pizzas in those.

Is this a bage you can carry by the top handle? I have customers that want to carry their pizza while carring something in their other hand.