Does anyone have any personal recommendations for delivery and catering bags?

Most of the time you must buy them online, so you can’t test ahead of time. Anyone with quality bags they can attest to, especially with heating elements, for everything from pizza to hot sandwiches to cold items to catering trays…it would be appreciated.


I live in a city that has been the coldest place on the planet a couple of times in the past few years and I have been very happy with Bag Solutions

[*]I currently use bags from as well. They work well for the price but I really want to switch to heated bags. We get alot of customer complaints about cold food and with heated bags I could smash that issue. I have been thinking about buying the heated bags from At a $120 a bag, I really wish I could try them out. I would need 20 bags so that’s $2400 in bags.

How far are you delivering?..I never order delivery to my house because I am too far…The one place has heated bags but the pizzas are a “soggy mess” when they get here…

I got a stack from that I am happy with, the price was right too.
Black Cordura nylon, vented, ticket window, handles, alls good so far

You could have a multitude of things that are causing cold pizza complaints:

  • Food is getting made too soon before a driver returns from delivery. If you have all drivers on the road, try to time the food so it is coming out of the oven right before they get back
  • Not enough drivers on staff or too long delivery times. Our store averages 30-35 minutes to the door. We MIGHT get 1 complaint every OTHER week about cold food - if that. What is your average delivery time?
  • Unscrupulous drivers taking deliveries out of order. If you have drivers that know you customers (that don’t tip) are they skipping these deliveries for the better deliveries?

My delivery range is rather large and my average ticket times are 45min-1hr on a busy night. Our drivers are responsible for taking the food out of the oven so the food leaves as soon as it is taken out of the oven.