baked appetizers

I am looking at a second location but no fryer and I really would like to offer some appetizers. The ovens are ps360 any help. None of my apps at first location will work there. Thanks

So I don’t get flamed I tried the search function and could not come up with the right answers. Don’t know if it is me or not but when I use the search I usually get everything but what I am looking for.

I have great apps that are all oven-able, as we do not have a fryer (nor do I want one). We offer wings, mozz sticks, potato skins, cheesy garlic bread, and soon to offer chicken fingers and jalapeno poppers. These items carry a higher food cost, but virtually no prep. People like them and it’s a good way to get the average check up.

what are the brand names so I can see if one of my suppliers can get them Thanks

Check McCain’s fora their line of appetizers. they have several available bakeable items. I even ave a breaded ravioli that can be baked or fried. Meatballs Parmesan are another fool-proof appetizer to offer.

High profit appetizers that you can bake are:
Garlic Knots

thanks for the replies will check mccains I do knots already anyone use la nova I notice they have a line of conveyor oven stuff?