Baked wings... How too and do you do it?

Hi Guys…

about 1 year ago we switched to a baked wings. We used to use la nova wings… they where good but offered no variety and they where also very expensive. However now we are cooking our wings from raw and our prices went down to about 1.80lb for jumbo wings after cook off…

The issue is, I dont like them. and I dont think our customers do either…

Our Process

About once or twice a week we cook several 40lb boxes of wings through our top convey oven for 12 minutes at 375 and then we freeze the wings in 5lb bags.

To order we run our wings through the bottom conveyor for 6 mins at 465 then sauce and shake…

Can anybody suggest a better way to do the wings and or a fryer that is easy to use.

I also posted a response to you under the sauce thread.

I found my wings were best the day they were cooked so I tried to make sure I didn’t prep very much extra. My guess is that 12 minutes at 375 is barely if at all cooking the wings thoroughly. We cooked ours three times through the oven at our normal time and temp. If I were in your shoes I would cook smaller batches more often and not freeze them at all. To really make things easier I would consider getting a plain or “rotisserie” flavor wing and cooking from thawed when ordered and saucing and shaking as you are now.

What does a $40 pound case cost you and how many wings does it yield? Do you sell your wings by the pound or in piece increments?

Thanks for the response Paul…

I bet cooking from raw would make a substantially better wing for the customer. and honestly it would not be that much harder… 2 times through might even do it… maybe 2.5 times… but that would still be less than a 15 min oven time overall.

I will check tomorrow. but I want to say we are under $48 for 40lbs and we are using jumbo so we are 8 10 count per pound so roughly 320 - 400 wings a case… we also give the wings a dry rub of dark chili powder some ground pepper and a dash of salt. ( sounds gourmet) its not though

Forgot to add, we sell them in orders of 10…

Another question, how is the feedback? Pretty favorable? I mean I am sure that you would not sell them if people told you they disliked them, however lately our staff has been more open about the fact that either the flavor isnt there or the texture is not there for them… (freezer burn can do that I suppose) lol

we season them w/a generic rub 1st, par-cook our wings thru the oven - 18 min @ 465, cool, portion… then re-fry them & sauce…

In the past (another place), we’ve fried them 1st, cooled & sauced THEN baked thru the oven…they come out pretty good that way, with the sauce baked in/on

The “freezing” part might be what is giving you problems. I have oven baked our wings like this for 15 years and we sell 1.5 tons of these wings every month. I have never re-froze the wings. We bake them, marinate them, bag them into 10 piece orders and “refrigerate” them. When an order is placed we pan them, ad more sauce and run once thru the oven.


I am assuming that when you say “marinate” you are pre saucing them Ie bbq or hot and spicy

I am going to go try saucing before we cook and not freezing… honestly if it where up to me nothing would be frozen, however our operations manager insists on it.

Any more insight would be appreciated

Thank you

you should try boiling them first. The wings stay moist and still
cook all the way through. We do this then portion them out it bags of ten. 4 mins in the deep fryer they are good. If you aren’t going to deep fry them they probably will
come out ok in an oven. One thing i try to avoid in my kithen is the handling of raw chicken. Most people don’t know what cross contamination is. Cooking the wings all at one time is def alot safer then grabbing 10 uncooked wings. Especially when yor busy.

WOW Another Great Suggestion!

What type of fryer do you use… I like the idea of fried wings yet we dont have much space or another hood?

As far as boiling can you tell me
What size pot?
What temp
and how many at one time…
And how long

I am guessing you boil them just until they are 165 on the inside then call it good, Right???

Thanks Guys!!!

For a short time I had an AccuTemp pressureless steamer…we used a perfd’ hotel pan & steamed 'em for 10 minutes…chilled & fried to order…the steamer wouldn’t work correctly, so we went back to par-frying

Thanks… An Acupressure steamer huh… That sounds like a good idea!!!..

Would you guys suggest steam cooking them over boiling them???


We take half a case in a very large pot. I dont know the size. Start from warm water. Bring to a boil for a short time and they should be good. Im not sure what size wings your working with. Any fryer @ 350 will do. We usually drain out the water from the wings into a new pot and start the second batch in that water. Keeps the flavor and afteer you do that a couple times you have great soup.