Bakemax BMPM060 mixer

Anyone use this mixer ? What are your pros and cons.

I can’t comment on the mixer but have not been impressed with other Bakemax products and service. In particular, I purchased a Bakemax 20" pizza warmer. Despite being termed a 20" pizza warmer, the inner rack was only 19.75" wide! Thus, a 20" pan does not fit. The factory, with much prodding by myself and the company I ordered it from, did eventually send a replacement rack. They do, however, want me to send the original rack back to them in Canada at my cost of $105.
Another problem with the unit is it is made without tempered glass. I contacted the factory rep and he said it was made with tempered glass but the glass was broken and chipped from the shipping process and a local glass supplier verified that it was not tempered. The Bakemax warranty department sent an authorization number to have me replace the glass and agreed to refund my cost. This was 2 months ago and they won’t return emails or phone calls.
It’s best to deal with companies that will honor a warranty and are available to discuss issues with the equipment. Also, make sure there is NSF or equivalent approval. I didn’t verify NSF approval and am paying the price.
To be fair, Bakemax did fully refund my cost of having the glass replaced with tempered glass and did send a replacement pizza rack. They also paid to have the original rack sent back to them. I think they are having problems with some of their subcontractors not making components to spec.

HI alotadough:

I do not think that unit in question has approval to be used in the USA unless they were recently awarded.

George Mills