Bakers Pride 151

Hi, I just picked up 2 BP 151’s and have been trying to look up any and all info on these compact ovens. Anyone out there using these? I am a mobile pizza trailer owner. Thanks

I use y600s. Pretty much the same idea but smaller I think… What questions do you have?

Just wondering how efficient they are. I need to pick up some stones because they didnt come with that.

As far as energy efficiency goes the y600 burn 140,000 btu and the 151s are 48,000 btu.

As far as floor space and overall cooking efficiency goes I’m sure a deck oven in a trailer would work well for a slice operation (reheating method).

The deck size is 36"w x 24.5"d so that will tell you how many pies you can fit. So if you did 10" pizzas you could crank out 6 comfortably per deck or more with some skilled arranging. Our bake time is between 7 and 10 minutes at 550 degrees on the y600 and I’m sure the 151 would cook the same. Faster if you hit 600+. Not sure what your plans are though as far as slices or full pies so that’s all the advice I can give.

I don’t know much about mobile operations either so I can’t help much there other than saying that if you can can afford to wait 7-12 minutes to cook however many pizzas or slices you can physically fit on those decks, you will be happy. If you need more space and/or faster bakes I’d look at a something else.

To what type market do you intend to offer your product?

I do food truck events, festivals, business parks, breweries etc
I have a GP51 right now and it works great but slows us down when we’re slammed - only cooking 2 - 19" pies at a time (and reheating slices in the corners.) I want to double my output, however now I’ll have to go with slightly smaller pies 18" vs 19" but I’ll get 4 baking at once vs 2.

My saving grace has been baking pies ahead of serving time and reheating. I just prefer to have fresher pizza for folks…i usually consider an hour to be old pizza. I can only bake 12-13 an hour now.