BAKERS PRIDE 451 Opinion

Just purchased a shop and had a conveyor oven on top of a 451 bakers pride. Sold both just because this place was so filthy and both were shot. The shop kitchen is small so I was going to replace with 452 bouble stack ovens. Will we be happy with these ovens compared to the y600 series. We were told they will not heat as well or recover temp compared to the 600 series. Any input appreciated.
Thank you.


The Y600 oven is 120,000 BTU - deck size 2160 sq. inch = 55.55 BTU per sq. in.

The 451 oven is 80,000 BTU- deck size 1863 sq. inch = 42.94 BTU per sq. in

The Y 600 Has more baking and recovery power.

George Mills

I understand that the BTUs are less. Is It going to make that much of a difference?
The 451 has one heat tube and I believe the 600 has two heat tubes. If so, is that why the 600 recovers heat loss better?
In this shop they have the pie oven boxed in between one wall and a partial wall. I’m going to shop today and see if the partial wall is load bearing in any way. The shop is completely shut down so we can remodel and clean.
Thank you