Baker's Pride advice

I am hoping someone can give me advice about my y600 ovens. I bought them used and have replaced the thermostats and had them tuned up. They are operating at the correct btus but I am surprised by their performance during our busy times. During a $500-$700 hour the stones lose their heat so the tops bake but not the bottom.What can I expect from them as far as 18 inch pies per hour being baked correctly? Bakers Pride suggested getting the new stones but I hate to just keep throwing money at these ovens.
Thanks from a newbie.

Don’t know the age of your ovens, but mine have some heat baffles for the baking box. This a pull/push handle on mine that operates the vent openings in the oven itself. It controls the ‘top heat’ and ‘stone heat’. We also have another baffle inside that further tunes the heat distribution into the baking area. The baffles are in the right and left walls of th baking cavity in my ovens.

I am willing to bet that if you can locate those baffle controls, it will make a world shaking difference in the operation of the ovens. Close them off when top is cooking too fast and open when top is too slow.

Probably 5 pies fill up the deck. Depending on baking temp and recovery . . . I would think about 5 to 6 loads per deck per hour?? So I would think 25 to 30/hour??

I hear this a lot (on here) and wonder if the issue is simply that the stones are not thick enough…

If the stones were thicker they would take longer to pre-heat but also longer to cool down. The thinner the stone the more the temperature is going to stray after each pie.

When i had my bakes pride ovens, during peak times, i used to leave 1 spot open just to crisp the bottoms of each pizza. We lost 1 spot in the oven, but it worked well for us.

How long are you preheating the ovens before your rush? When we fire our ovens the chamber hits temperature very quickly and the ovens turn the burners down to idle - but that doesn’t mean the stones are anywhere near the target temperature. If we’re planning on using an oven for the night we preheat it for at least four hours.

One oven has always been on all day, the other gets turned on around 3:30 to pre-heat. There is one hot spot that we finish all the pizzas on to brown the bottoms. The trick is to watch them closely so the top doesn’t overcook before the bottom is done. Thanks for the replies.

Paradox, do you have the baffles? And are you sure it is the 600 series? Ever called Bakers Pride with the serial numbers to find the manufacturing year?

Do you have pictures of the oven inside and/or outside you can share?

two of the baffles are stuck, one in each oven. This might be the cause of my problems. I have called Baker’s Pride about the ovens and one has the “old style” stones, and one has what might be after market stones. Yes, they are 600. The technician at BP thought that I might just have to turn the ovens up during the rushes, which we do, but that has “burned” me when I then put a pizza in after the rush and forgotten how hot the ovens were going to be.

The baffles will be at least party of the problem. Super heated air from the burner chamber is going into the baking chamber unabated. It would be hotter with both sides opened . . . but I suspect that one issue will have to be resolved somehow before the top burning goes away.others please chime in if they have other ideas.

Reason it is worse during peak hours is that the burner is firing off longer periods, and you are getting way more hot air intop the baking chamber during those times. If baffles are the issue, then turning up bake temps during peak hourrs would have made your top burning worse/harder to deal with since now it would blow still MORE heat into the bake chamber.

May even have to bake right on deck without screens (if you use them) or find a way to put a make-shift heat shield against that wall.

I had not thought of making a heat shield to block the holes, thanks. I have tried a crowbar and a hammer to try and unstuck the baffles but it won’t budge.

Hi Paradox:

What you describe is the nature of deck type ovens.

The technology simply not consistent with large production .

George Mills

Mr Mills, thanks for that. From reading the forums I know you are in the equipment business. What brand of deck oven would you recommend in the event I can upgrade in the next couple of years? I am committed to deck ovens and bake right on the stone.

Hi Paradox:

In My opinion the Bakers pride Y-600 is as good as or better than any deck oven on the market. Just buy enough of them to handle your expected volume.

It is the nature of deck ovens that as sales rise in the evening hours production drops off.

One of the reasons the deck oven manufactures do not have direct reading thermometers is that the users would be disappointed to see how much the temperature drops during a busy evening.

George Mills