Bakers pride Brick lined ovens

Just curious if ne one has used the bakers pride y600…that are bricklined? Im curious if they are more efficent than the standard y600

I talked to a Bakers Pride sales person here and he said hes only ever sold 1 bricklined oven.

I have no experience with these particular ovens but here’s my guess… You may do better to get the “Fire brick hearth decks” option than the brick ceiling option. I believe Y-600-BL brick lined option is just the ceiling and comes with the standard floor.

The floor is going to get a lot more heat sucked out of it due to conduction (the dough touching the bricks) and the radiant heat the top of the pizza is going to get from the brick ceiling… in my experience doesn’t do all that much unless the bricks are very close to the top of the oven.

Overall I doubt that the brick lined option could HURT … other than possibly a longer warm up time.

I would be curious to hear if anyone has had good experience with these. The Marsal MB ovens are also brick lined and come with a 2" stone deck.

We have sold several of these units and the feedback is positive. The upper bricks absorb the heat and create a hotter environment that cooks faster and more intensely.

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