Bakers Pride Electric Ovens?

Been looking at the Super Deck Series Electric Ovens, model EP 2-8-5736.

Temp range is from 300-800 degrees- one of the only deck ovens that seems to reach temps over 650.

For commercial use, it seems most use gas (in deck ovens). Are electrics a solid option? Is there a reason more don’t use them- or maybe I just haven’t noticed.

At any rate, can anyone here give a comment or review based on using one of the Bakers Pride electrics?

Thanks all!

We have used both gas and electric deck ovens, and unless I had a very good reason to use electric, I’d opt for gas. The operating cost is less, and with our electric oven, as it aged, the baking times became longer and longer, until we finally couldn’t bake a pizza in less that 15-minutes (single pizza in the oven) and when we loaded the oven, it was in the 20-minute bake time range. I might also add that crispy pizzas were impossible to achieve with that oven. We replaced it with a Marsal deck oven (gas) and couldn’t be happier with it. We also work with air impingement ovens and again, we found a pretty significant difference between gas and electric, with the fas flavor being much more efficient (baked at a lower set temperature, baked faster, and gave a crispier crust). There are times and places where only an electric oven can be used, and in those circumstances, I’d go with one, but otherwise, I’d opt for gas. That’s just my own personal opinion.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Electric ovens break, and are expensive to fix, gas ovens rarely break, and are cheap to fix when they do.

I agree with Tom and Smego.

Electric ovens are vastly inferior to the gas units.

George Mills

Thanks guys. Disappointing news, for sure. I was kind of hoping for a good word on the electric.

The temp I want- (higher than 650)- w/out opting for wood-fired/coal, and maybe even “no hood” (at $1500-2000 a foot, well, can’t blame me…).

Can someone tell me–“why is it electric ovens can get to 800 and yet no one seems to be interested in making a gas oven that exceeds 650”.

I don’t get it. No one wants to make a pizza that becomes what it is at a temp higher than 550/650?
With the trend of all these wood fired pizzas(most of the great ones aren’t baked @ less than 700)?

I’m baffled that there isn’t a deck oven manufacturer that wants to jump in on the game and make a gas fired deck oven w/ some true, high temp power. Easier training/consistency/etc, due to know training on wood fired finesse…

This is your cue oven manufacturers…

So…really…when it comes to a deck oven that can get above 650- I have the choice of electric, Pizza Masters (yeah Varasano’s find…that no one seems to know a dang thing about and their customer service is really poor), or maybe you can get into a WoodStone gas fired, but that seems expensive and maybe a bit soul-less.

Really, that’s it???

  • Wait one more option- I can get my gas oven hot rod’d and not pass inspection. That might be the answer it seems…

Hi James.

What the thermostat reads is only what you wish the temperature to be.

Deck ovens are rarely operating at the temperature requested.

Deck oven Manufacturers do not equip their ovens with direct reading thermometers.

The thermostat is just a wish o stat. You just wish you could maintain that temperature.

George Mills

Ah ha. I gotcha George. That makes sense- it either has the capacity or not. I’ve heard a good bit about people having electricians coming in and tweaking an oven to cook at a different temp, but I can’t imagine the results could be safe, good for the oven, or long term.

Then there’s Dom DeMarco’s gas fired deck that apparently gets to 750ish and by DiFara’s pies, you can tell that it sure isn’t 550- those things are blazing! … _wood.html

Forno Bravo offers Gas options, they have flames “shooting” from one side and they claim to provide a “burn” similar to wood, and these ovens come as a gas only as well as gas/wood combo.

I’ve never seen one live but if the high temp is what you’re looking for this might be an option.

Forno Bravo, LLC
(800) 407-5119

PS I don’t work for them, just came across them in my searches and It looke interesting.

Thanks Italian Mike. I’m currently looking more into WoodStone and Forno Bravo (thanks to your reminder).