bakers pride help

I have a Baker’s Pride Pizza oven that I am trying to convert to propane to be used outdoors off of a propane tank. I changed the orifice and regulator but it still won’t light. It seems as though the gas doesn’t have enough pressure to make it all the way to the oven. Do I need a high pressure regulator? or no regulator at the unit just the standard propane tank regulator? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I am driving my wife crazy with this!!!

There ia normally a regulator on the tank and then another on the oven . do you have both? The regulator on the tank is an adjustable an oven regulator is a smaller pre set regulator.

I don’t have experience with Bakers Pride, but I did convert my Lincoln double stack from propane to natural gas, some of what I saw may be applicable. I had to change an orifice on both the main burner and the pilot. I replaced springs in the pressure regulator and had to adjust gas pressure to the burner. The operators manual should list the required gas pressure. I made a chintzy manometer using clear tubing and a yardstick to measure gas pressure. Connect one end to the test port and leave the other end open. The difference in height of the water column is the gas pressure in inches of water .

All set put high pressure regulator on works great. Thanks