Bakers Pride ovens: 602 vs 451

Can someone give me a distilled difference in the two ovens? I am looking back and forth at the specs, but it isn’t telling me enough of a story to decide.

They seem similar, but the 602 does seem to have more deck space for the 6 pizzas. I am trying to decide if I can manage my projected growth upgrading to the 451 double stack. They are more affordable right now, and a darned sight better than my Blodgett 981 oven right now. I gotta get more power soon to meet my marketing success.

Will I regret the 451’s knowing that I live in a limited market (2550 pop.) that doesn’t project beyond 5000 people in the next 5 years?

The y600s have a lot more btus than the 451’s. Very important for recovery during rush times. I think 120,000 vs 80,000 btu’s.

If you are going to br pulling out your 981, then I’d go with the 602, but if you’ll be keeping the 981, then you could get by with the 451 while sing the 981 as overflow.

I sure am spinning my head with the oven research. I am seeing a lot of these what would be today’s BP DS990 in the used market. It’s a double stack, 48" x 36" inside (4 16 or 18" pies). 70K BTUs per deck. I am not sure if this is enough heat to keep up during a rush? It’s also a 7" high deck vs 8" on the 451. Marsal SD448 is same size but 95K btu per deck, and thicker hearth, also has 0" clearances on left/right side, but I don’t see any of these in the used market.

We think the y-602 will create a space issue as it’s 1.5+ more feet wide.

Patrick are you trying to fit equipment to your space versus picking equipment based on what you need?..That could put you on a slippery slope…

I don’t really know exactly what our needs will be yet, but I do not think it could be more than what a double stacked 48x36 could provide. I am guessing this could do in theory about 80 pizzas an hour. 40 each. Given the right setup - like one of these Marsals with 95K BTU and a 2" thick deck. My guess is the others will a little behind that. Maybe 70 an hour?

I used to have a double stack of Blodgett 981 ovens, then moved to the Bakers Pride 451 ovens. The two 451 ovens were easily double the capacity of the two 981 ovens. And then two y-600 ovens is almost double again the capacity of the two 451 ovens.


Hi again guys.

I noticed by the pictures and descriptions that the 451 ovens seem to have a lot less width per deck than say a Y-600. For example if you look at the pictures, there’s about 5" on either side of the deck in a Y600. I am guessing this is more insulation. Anyway…

I also noticed that the 451 only has 1 damper, and the Y600 has what they call “micro slide” adjustments. What is the difference and is it something I will really care about?

Another option of the 451 is that it can be triple stacked…if you find you want to expand yet again…just fyi…Im going with a 452 (double stacked 451’s) for that option alone…If i find I need more output, I will just add the third deck…I dont think the 601’s can be triple stacked…but I could be wrong.

Hi Guys:

Seventy thousand BTU is a bit short for a pizza oven if the deck size is larger than 45’ X 34". The important consideration is how many BTU per sq inch of deck.

For those just entering business it is important for you to note that the production capacity of deck ovens falls as the evening wears on.

The pizzas you were baking in 8 to 10 minutes can take 20 minutes if you are having a high volume evening.

George Mills

This is a great point. I did a few quick numbers

Y600 is 55 BTUs per square inch
251 is 48.3 BTUs per square inch
GS805 is 46 BTUs per square inch and a lower deck height of 7" vs 8"
351 is 45 BTUs per square inch
451 is 43.5 BTUs per square inch
Y800 is 41 BTUs per square inch

I have a feeling that Y and GS series have more insulation than the 251/351/451 series–or otherwise I can’t figure out why they are roughly 4" wider for the equivalent sized deck.

the Y600 series has hot air “channels” that wrap up the sides of the cooking chamber . . . and the baffles control that heat. Also, the controls gotta be somewhere. There may o may not be extra insulation, but mine doesn’t seem to be overly encumbered with it.

Thanks. Just got a response from BP.

“No better insulation is used, the extra width is due to having side
vents. The GS805 will give a slightly more even back to front temperature, but
the 251 will fit in a tighter space if you are short on space. The 8”
vs 7" is not a big factor unless you need that extra inch in height!"

I am still not sure understand how one is going to bake differently than the other :oops: