Bakers Pride Stubby Series Ovens

Due to space constraints, the Y600’s are out of the question…we just don’t have the needed width to fit these in. An alternate would be to go with the stubby series;

Has anyone used these and if so can you share your experiences with them?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Pie Bar Guy

There are 3 sizes of stubby ovens

151 = 864 sq. in. of baking surface and 55.5 btu per sq in
3151 = 1008 sq. in.of baking surface and 64 btu per sq in
4151 = 1296 sq in of baking surface and 54 btu per sq in

The Y600 has 1800 sq in of baking surface and 66 btu per sq in

Apparently the 3151 would almost duplicate the Y 600 performance but at a lower volume due to its size.

George Mills

Thanks for the info…it seems that if I have any decent amount of volume I’d have to go with the triple stack 3151’s. I’m hesitant to get these though because I’ve never heard anyone speak of them.

Can anyone else offer any input?