Bakers Pride to conveyor?

Not sure if it’s even possible for a conveyor to cook pizzas with our dough. Example, we use 1lbs of dough for a 12" pizza. Nice fluffy outer crust. Can this be achieved on screens?
If so, what oven do you recommend?

Thank you

Talk to Mike at Edge Ovens

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I think you’ll find that you can bake your pizzas quite well in an air impingement oven, the neat thing about air impingement ovens is that fingers can be configured specific to your product for the best possible bake.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Tom Is Correct as usual

Thanks for the reply’s. I’ve reached out to Edge and talked to Terry (nice guy)
We recently had a car crash into our pizzeria and have been closed since July 6th.
After using bakers pride deck ovens for 23 years, now is the time for us to make a change! Napoli Benicia is 30 minutes from SAN FRANCISCO. I can’t find a test location. How do I go about making a change when I can’t see how edge cooks my product?
Ps-Our cook line can only fit the Edge 2440
Thanks for you help.

Ask Edge if they’ve sold any ovens in your area.

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Terry (at Edge) gave me a list of cities near me. He hasn’t replied yet and I’ve reached out a few times.