Bakers Pride vs Cecilware?

I have have been looking at new Bakers Pride ovens all along and really like them. Then tonight, I ran into a GrindMaster from Cecilware. They look identical, aside from the different labels and control faceplate. They have the same specs, same size decks, etc.

Anyone know if these are made by the same root company?

Im asking because the Cecilware is about $500 cheaper. I’m aware of Baker’s Pride rep, but I guess Cecilware has been around for a really long time too.

You might want to direct this question to George Mills.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Thanks Tom, I’ll contact him.

Hi Decidion.

Yes the cecilware oven looks a lot like the Bakers Pride.

I have no knoledge to share regarding the Cecilware unit. I have never seen one in action.

I do not know of any one that has one.

I do know that Bakers pride makes good equipment.

George Mills

If they have been around for a long times, the folks on Think Tank do not have much to say…The name only came in once in 2009 and it was a thread about fryers…

Thanks George and Royce.

I think Royce is right on there. If they have been around for so long and no one here really knows about them or has used them, then that tells me something. It says…Bakers Pride :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi!!! Decidon im in the same dilemma. I will like to know if you find out any more information about a cecilware oven. We are about to open a pretzel store and the only equipment that we haven buy is the oven if we get the cecilware will be saving some money but we dont know if that is the best decision to do i couldn’t find any reviews of the cecilware

Hi Lurena:

Not allways, but usually, the more costly unit is the better product.

George Mills


I didn’t really get any more info on the Cecilware ovens. I just went ahead and got two of the Baker’s Pride ovens and they have worked out really well for us.