Bakers Pride Y-602 vs DS-990

Does anyone have any knowledge they can share on the pro/cons of these two BP ovens? The GS seems to be a bit smaller with much lower BTU’s… 70k per deck vs 120k. Will the lower BTU hurt the recover time? The DS will clearly cost less to run… but how will it perform? I’d interested in peoples experiences. Thanks!

Does anyone have a view for the best BP oven to use a high quality NY slice/pie?

Thanks again!

The best bakers pride would be the Y600

Thank you George - that does cut right to the heart of the matter and it’s what I was thinking… but what screwed me up is when I visit some of the better slice joints in NYC (Joes and NY Pizza Suprema), the oven width seems to be under 78"… thus my confusion. Perhaps they take old ovens and modify them…?