Bakers Pride Y600 age determining help

I have a pair of y600 ovens, and the customer service company for BP cannot give me any idea when they were manufactured based on the serial numbers. I know they are vintage, and the company could not even tell me how far back the database tracks. Not so helpful . . . so I am asking if anyone here has any perspective. My serial numbers appear to be 9067 and 10332, so does anyone know their oven age and have anything in that neighborhood of serial numbers?

Hi Nick I am checkig arround to see if any of our contacts has a serial # chart. will let you know.

George Mills

Hey Nick was it the 800-431-2745 number you called. It sounds like the oven should have a plate on it with model, serial number, date code, & gas or wattage requirements listed. I missed them by 30 mins but open tomorrow until 5pm central time. Worth a call.

Nick I found serial # 12333 stopped in oct 1994. So you are at least a few years prior to that point. I am guessing mid 80’s for both.

I am responding to a VERY old thread here, so this might not work. However, i figured i’d give it a shot. i have a Countertop Bakers Pride that has been in the family for years- mostly unused. The model is LSO2. If I recall, my uncle salvaged it from the Navy when they were doing some upgrades- came off a boat was the story My primary question is around whether or not it contains asbestos. i called the 800 number and they could only tell me if was an old unit. Nothing about getting parts if needed or asbestos. Its serial number is 16299. Would love to get it goign again but want to make sure i go in with eyes open