bakers pride y600 heat vents question

how does the vents work inside a bakers pride oven? I have control knobs outside that close and open the vents- is this for top heat?
Also, there are knobs inside the oven- what do these do?

thank you

Hi Pizzapie:

Yes the knobs are for top heat adjustment. Play with them until you get it right.

George Mills

Hi Pizzapie;

A couple of other comments on your Y 600 ovens:

That gadget they call a thermostat I call a wish-o-stat because it only indicated the temperature you wish to attain. It is more actually a high Limit switch that will (if it ever gets that hot) cut the flow of gas.

You should have two thermometers per deck. One a grill thermometer. That is an item about the size and shape of a hockey puck that can sit flat on the deck and can give you an actual deck temperature. It is very helpful in selecting the spot on the deck that has the best temperature for placing the next pizza.

You should also have a regular oven thermometer suspended in the bake chamber to give you top temperature, normally less than deck temperature.

George Mills