Bakers Pride Y600 Won't Always Stay Lit

One of my Y600s (double stack) does not always stay lit. Some days it will run fine all day, while other days it needs to be re-lit a number of times. The thermopile is fairly new, and although is not bright red, generates around 200 millivolts consistently, and the pilot flame is decent size, but not quite as big as the pilot flame on the other Y600. I haven’t been too concerned about the pilot flame size though since the thermopile seems to be generating enough millivolts.

I have a new combination gas valve that I could try, but rather than just throw new parts at the thing, I’m looking for other opinions on what may be causing the issue.

Any ideas or suggestions?


Wholly Stromboli
Ft. Lupton, CO

Three things to try: Make sure the end of the thermopile is in the middle of your pilot flame, and check that the other end of the thermopile is screwed in tight. (loosen and retighten, do not overtighten!) And lastly, take the your pilot gas line off from the needle valve, just before the actual pilot, and make sure it hasn’t collected a little ball of dirt. Good Luck.

we have to keep the door open exposing the burners and pilot light while it heats up or 90% of the time wed come back to an oven that is off.on rare occasions it has also died during normal operating hours.this even after putting in new thermostat,safety valve and thermocouple (everything it needs to work) weve had to do this to the top deck about once a year,but only once to the bottom deck.I believe usually its the safety valve. we usually dont replace the thermocouple except for last time we changed everything.

we keep a spare safety valve and thermostat on hand a all times.they changed the safety valve so it doesnt use mercury ,and its only a small piece that needs to be replaced when it goes out it seems and not the whole thing.

Those sound exactly like our symptoms, our chefs often tell me that they have to leave the bottom door open while the thing heats up. Did you find that replacing that safety valve solved it for you?

sorry for the extremely late reply.,I didnt click send me would be nice if you got them automatically after you reply to a topic.I have found no solution to this issue after almost 2 decades, besides opening the pilot light door while it heats up.changeing the safety valve after it went out never helped even when it was just replaced. the only other thing it may be is the vent tubes that lets the heat out is too small for the oven imo or the metal piece that comes out the oven that goes to the tube that i think is too small that then leads to the exhaust is too small as well.(hard to explain!). other people that own this oven in my area have this issue,but have since closed or I havent been back to that restaurant,so I cant check what diameter their tubing in the back was.

We have this problem on our Y600 as well. We have a single stack (thinking about adding a second oven on top). We have replaced everything that we can think of to replace. Sometimes it happens two or three times in a week and then it can go a month or two until it happens again. Sometimes you can look in the ‘heat chamber’ and it looks like the flames are just swirling around. Not sure if it is getting some sort of back draft from the exhaust vent tube or not. Very annoying and seems to happen at the worst times!!

Hi Wholey

The above have suggested about everything I can think of.
The having to have the lower door open on warm up suggests a lack of oxygen for combustion. Perhaps you are not bringing in enough make up air for proper combustion.How many Cfm are you exhausting and how much make up air are you bringing in?
George Mills

Hello every one
I also am experiencing the same issue.
But today I had the multi meter connected and as soon as the voltage began to drop I opened the burner compartment door, and to my surprise I could see the far back burner still had a flame but the rest was out then it relit on its own in reverse, from the far back that was still lit to the pilot, and relit the pilot also, which I found to be a little unnerving,
so what I am saying is Its got to be a ventilation issue,
does any one know where the fresh air inlet is located on the Y600??
that needs to be opened up

the BP Y600 service manual says we need to clean the flue and the burner compartment out every 6 months.
according to the assembly diagram it appears the fresh air inlet is at the bottom of the burner door under the burner plate out to the holes under the burners its self.
wire clothes hanger at the door and the jet vac with a home made adapter
(1/2in X 2.5ft soft copper tubing 5/8in X 2in auto heater hose 1 role black tape)
stick the heater hose on one end of the tubing about 5 inches from the end
Now on that end 2 1/2 in away from the end rap the black tape to the end at least twice.
then slide the heater hose over the taped area
and tape the heater hose down to the pipe. add tape to make it fit in the vac hose tightly
I made 2 of these first one 2.5 ft long w a 45 deg angle and the second 1.5 ft long straight.