Bakers Pride Y602bl vs Y602

Considering buying a new oven and was wondering if anyone who has bought one opted for the brick lined 602. If so could you elaborate on its purpose/benefits? Thanks

Soulbutter, I am also considering the same ovens (602 BL DSP). Currently using Blodgett 1060’s. What did you end up purchasing?

Hey Rick I actually still haven’t pulled the trigger on it. A buddy of mine in Florida is looking at a double stack blodgett 1060s did his shop. I know your looking to switch but would you recommend those or not? Thanks

I have used Blodgett ovens for 40 years. I do like them and would recommend them. They cook well and are built well. I am working on a complete remodel of my shop. I don’t have room for more ovens so I think the BPs may cook a little faster, 120k BTUs vs 80k BTUs per deck. Also, I would like to finish the Bakers Pride in stone or tile, which the Blodgett’s are not designed to accept. I was also considering Marsal for the same reasons, but some people I spoke with said they are not built like they used to be.

Oh thanks for the input Rick! What were the issues with the Marsal ovens ?

Some things people said:
SD1060 Purchased the set in 2019 and since then the factory has had to replace the door, door hinges, manifold, two thermostats, added a chute and 5 thermocouples.
Some spots are naturally hotter than others. Our oven tender will always have to juggle the pizzas around to ensure even baking. More than just rotating in place.
The stones separate constantly and randomly.
The ‘lock’ on the little door that opens up to the thermostat is a piece of shit. We replaced all of them at least one time, some twice. Now the doors just swing free. It’s not a big deal - but the 30k spent on these ovens angers me a little.
A local shop has them and said he prefers BP over Marsal too.

I am sure there are many happy users out there, these are just a few negatives I’ve heard.
Did you test the BP-BL ovens? What would you be replacing?

SoulButter, did you end up with new ovens?

No I didn’t pull the trigger did you?

No. We finally got started on our renovation and costs look like the will be much higher than anticipated. I will probably just keep my 1060’s. Also, I was not able to see the ovens in use as no one around me has them.