bakers pride y602's

Talked to the sales lady at and looks like I’m going to be purchasing a dbl stack from them on Monday.
I chose them over the 802’s as I just don’t think I will need that volume, and over the Blod 1048-1060 as they have a 10" door and I would think you would lose more heat that way.
Any comments are aprreciated.

How much are you paying from them? I work in the FS equipment business (usually as a buyer of equipment), and I would be leary of purchasing a big ticket item like that from a website?

Maybe I’m off base here. I could get you a quote from a third party if you can wait a day.


also what size pie are you makeing if you are make an 18 inch pie the y800 will cook 8 at a time and the 600 will cook 8 16inch in pies. Also nothing wrong with used ovens especially deck ovens not much to break

They are brand new. The quoted priced delivered to my door was $13K.Now I just have to figure out how to get them into the shop.
It also says they have ceramic decks.Is that the same as the good ol stones?

  1. Good luck finding used Y602’s in any condition except beat-to-heck. People like us that choose them tend to run them until we hand them down to the the next generation.
  2. That’s a pretty good price.
  3. You will want to have someone who knows what they are doing for the installation - it isn’t rocket science but those suckers are HEAVY - even with the stones out. You need to get the top one up on the bottom one with jacks, and then need to get the stones in, and somehow get these little metal shims under them so that they match up level (there are 3 segments to each deck and you don’t want a ridge or gap).

Can you use a forklift for this?? That I have access to.