Baking desserts in my pizza oven?

Has anyone tried baking desserts (brownies, cakes, cookies, etc.) in their Zesto impinger conveyor ovens? I would like to hear all comments, success stories or otherwise.
Thank you!

CiCi’s does it, you can do it my friend.

Trial and error, trial and error.

Hi labquilt

I cannot answer for Zesto ovens as I do not know any one using them.

For all the air impingement type ovens, as far as I know, anything that will pass into the oven and will not rise higher than the opening can be cooked. Fish, ribs, macaroni & cheese, cookies, pies, are just a few.

Note Impinger is a registered trade mark of the Lincoln oven company.

George Mills

We have used the air impingement ovens to bake any number of itens, from cookies, to sweet rolls, to dessert pizzas (they bake at the same time and temp as your regular thin crust pizzas do for the most part). We have enve done things like brownies too…BUT, you will need to adjust the airflow to the product being baked as many products will need to have less heat applied to the bottom than pizzas, and many will need less air to the top. While you can do this by manipulation of the finger profile, this is not practical at the store leve, so to reduce heat to the bottom of te product, simply double pan (put two pans under the product being baked, or place it on a double 18 X 26 sheet pan. This creates an air gap between the pans, effectively reducing the bottom heat. To control the top heat/airflow, just place foil over the product being baked, or wrap it in foil. In some instances we have inverted a slightly larger pan over the product being baked to isolate it from the direct top airflow. You will need to experiment using some of these tricks, and probably a few of your own invention, but for the most part, if it will fit into the oven aperature, you can bake it.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor