Baking sheets

Hello everyone!
me and my partner opening a pizzeria near the university
i estimate that we are going to sell a lot of pizza by the slice
i ordered 1 mm thick carbon steel baking trays for the slices . special order.
( none available here in South Africa ) ang going to season them in the oven
does anyone knows if this is going to work? aluminium trays are very expensive
and i don’t know what is better anyway.
help please :roll:

Sure, steel sheet pans can be used. They are seasoned (blackened) in the same way as if they were made of aluminum (wipe with oil, put into oven at 425F/218C, and bake for 15-minutes) it will get smoky, so turn off the smoke detectors and open the windows. Once the pans are seasoned, they will continue to darken with use. DO NOT wash the seasoned pans as this will result in the seasoning peeling off and you will need to strip the pans and start all over again.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Thank you Tom!
i did like you said
it works perfect , and the pizza does not stick to the edges