Baking subs & calzones in a deck oven

Recently switched over from conveyor ovens to a Rotoflex (deck) and am trying to get a grasp on how to bake subs & calzones in the oven.

How does everyone here do it? In pans, screens, on foil?


I bake my subs on 1/4 bun pans and 1/2 bun pans at 555 degrees. 8" = 3 minutes 16" = 4 minutes. If the sub has alot of sauce and or cheese I add a minute. I don’t bake calzones but I do offer strombolis. We sell a ton of strombolis so I do 6 at a time on a full bun pan.

I just throw the panzarottis/calzone directly onto the brick and cook it like a regular pizza.

I don’t make sandwhiches now, but when I did at my other place, we put the sandwhiches on a piece of pop up foil and put directly onto the oven shelf. Then cooked for about 5 minutes until the cheese was melted.

Your options depend on your oven. If your oven cooks fast thus cooking the outside of a calzone but the inside is not cooked, you need to heat the inside first by…

grilling what goes inside your calzones

No griddle? Get shallow round pans and put ingredients on pan and heat up in oven.

I actually grill all my calzones inside- it makes for a great calzone.

Give it a try.

ALso, you have to decide on how you will coat your calzone. Before, during or after will also have an effect on cooking. I don’t brush anything on my calzones until they are out of the oven then I lightly hit with butter and parm

I have oiled and sprnkled salt and pepper on before cooking but I and my customers love the light butter and parm.

We have a little stack of well-blackened pizza pans that we use to cook our sandwiches and calzones in the deck oven. Usually we bake them at the front of the oven so they are easier to handle.

We do the same as marbles. If the bottom cooks too fast though, you might try the Air-Bake pans from costco. They’re just a flat two layered cookie sheet, but we found they work wonders for subs, calzones and cinnamon-twists.

Tom R

To reduce the bottom charring, we simply double-screen the calzones and stromboli. Similar effect as the air bake sheets. We actually have occasional problem with the toppings not heating through, so we put a dome (stainless mixing bowl) over top for first 3 to 4 minutes to protect top crust from over browning.