Baking your own sub/hoagie rolls

Question for those that are baking their own sub rolls. Do you get a nice shaped roll just proofing and baking on a std. sheet, or do I need to consider buying some sub roll pans to help form the roll?

We’ll use a XLT conveyor to bake in…and hints?? Haven’t got up and running yet so I can’t just play with it as I would normally, I’m just wanting to know ahead of time if I’ve got other equipment I need to be buying.

You should be able to get a pretty decent shaped bun just using regular sheet pans, but you may have some problems with the air impingement oven. The high airflow may crust the dough too soon in the oven, resulting in burst sides on the rolls, less than ideal volume/height, and overall, less than ideal baked characteristics. I know that deck ovens work just fine, and that air impingement ovens can be profiled to bake rolls like this, but with a pizza profile, I wouldn’t want to put the home made buns on the menu until I did some actual testing. We made some of our own buns at the NAPIC Show last year using an XLT oven. The results were what I would call “OK”, not great, but OK, so, depending upon your specific oven finger profile, you may be able to produce a hoagie bun with acceptable quality characteristics, but you will need to be the judge of that.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor