banner help

ok so there is an apartment complex that I am going to do a pizza night once a month, we will have half a dozen yard signs and 2 banners on each opening with balloons. my question is what is a good hook?
large 10.00 pizza?
30% off any large pizza?
something where I am gonna get slammed but still do ok…
any ideas?
open to anything

AnyWay Pizza - $10 - All Toppings FREE (limit 5 for best baking quality)
Go light on the toppings/cheese

Works GREAT 4 me…but mine is on-line only…I now have their email & phone #
I send all my customers an email thank you & a bounce back coupon…
3 weeks later they get a text msg - free medium cheese pizza w/XL Pizza purchase

I just did a quick read through the Black Book and based on the statistics there the big three use a 2 pizza deal most often when they send out coupons. The suggestion is if you offer a single one topping pie at $10 compared to 2 one topping pies at $15 you should have around $3 more gross profit per sale with the 2 pie deal . On the single if gross profit $7 and change then on the 2 pizzas you should gross $10 and change.

Keep in mind here, that the target is an apartment complex. Usually only 1-2 people live here depending on the size of the apartments and more then 1 pizza may not work. Maybe a pizza, bread, soda combo? or the 1 large single pie may work here…

I believe there is a guy in Georgia that sells a “Trainwreck Pizza” with 37 toppings for $9.99 and does pretty well with it. Just Kidding Nick :slight_smile:

There goes that market difference again. In my market the apartments that I deliver to usually will buy at least 2 12" pizzas.if not more.

Talk about a drive by! :slight_smile: My feedback is that you might could offer TWO deals . . . one for the single guy, and one for the resident who invites all their friends over for the killer dea lon pizza night. If you pick a ‘must see’ television night, then they might bring a gathering to watch the show, event, SOCCER MATCH. If just going with one deal, then I think the multiple pie with some sort of suggestive sell to “invite all your friends over” could be a “winner, wnner pizza dinner”. Whatever you do, make it psersonally important/relevant to them living in that complex.

[size=2](BTW . . . the 'Wreck is 20 toppings for $30/16" . . . . taks 5-7 minutes to assemble)[/size]

thats why I was leaning twards a big ercent off
something like 5.00 of any large pizza
which sounds better?
$5.00 off any large pizza
any large pizza for $10.00

35% off your pizza tonight!
or do I do
free stuffed breadsticks and a free two liter with any large or medium pizza tonight

Hey Rockstar,
I remember running across a study on percentage off. If I remember correctly the best return for you is 15% off. The way it was formulated is your sales went up and your labor costs came down a bit because of volume. Maybe use that for the single deal and go for the combo for larger groups? 2 cents inserted :slight_smile: