Bar Rescue... where do they get their facts?

So in watching Bar Rescue last night… how do they exactly get all of these specs on the potential customers in the area, what the customers are looking for in restaurants/bars… when there is over/under saturation of a particular item and what to sell instead. Other then census, which just shows incomes and ages and such… where do they get the info?

My guess, as only have seen the show once, is they go around to all the restaurant/bars in the area and menu/price check everything.

I just did a Google search for “population demographics by zip code” and popped up. They are always mentioned as a supplier in the credits at the end of the show so I imagine the resident information comes from Esri.

As for the competing businesses, looking at Google maps for the geographic radius of concern will give you that information. Scouting the competition may be fun!

Also nielson

and things like red plum/valassis

theres an abundance of data available.