Do any of you owners do any bartering for services. And if so, how often? I have noticed that the owner of the store I manage has traded services a few time now over the last couple of months.

I couldn’t afford my building sign when I first opened about 14 months ago. We worked out a deal for cash and $500 in pizzas that would be paid over the course of the first year. Worked out great for both of us!

I pay my landscaper for my house lawn with gift cerf. . Ihad my shower tiled and traded 1/2 cash & 1/2 food.I need a roof at my other biz. so I’m trading a fully catered bbq with my builder. The place I take my car to trades me services
for there Christmas party.I keep everything on the up and up. I don’t have a partner so I only have to keep track of it for my CPA.What

We pay a large portion of our radio advertising in trade and regularly trade out small stuff like reams of paper and glue sticks with our local office supply store. In the past we have done trades with any number of other buisnesses.

I barter for my landscaping/snow plowing services, their whole family loves us so it was easy. I love paying .30 on the dollar. I’m going to be aggressively shopping for deals for other services like heating/air etc, the local guys are great guests as well. Now, if I can only find a gas station that’s interested! :slight_smile:

Barter is great so long as it is at “market price” and each party needs each others goods and/or services…I bought a used car a few years back and paid for it mostly in magnets and pens…All my barters go through my books as if it was a regular transaction…

We barter everyhting we can. We got a plumber, a locksmith, a electrician, other restaurants, on and on… Dollor for Dollor retail amounts. We also use Itex and NewMarket bartering network, we got all our store signs and posters on trade along with our first printing of menus and our lawyer, I love it.