Basic lists of what you need to start a take and bake pizza

I have been working on my Business plan for a few months and I have a feeling that I am missing alot. Could anyone steer me in a new direction to finidng infomation. Also I have questions about buying ingredients. I worked at a popular pizza place in Birmingham for awhile, and I know what they use. but I was wondering about variations. I never thought there pizza were that good. My last question has to deal with dough. The place I worked at used prepackaged dough mix, so all you had to do was add water. any thoughts on making it the old fashion way against prepackaged?

Re: Basic lists of what you need to start a take and bake pi

With so few ingredients going into pizza dough, I can’t imagine why you would not consider making the dough from scratch (weighing out all of the ingredients yourself). The basic ingredients that we’re looking at here are flour, salt, yeast, a little oil, and maybe sugar. Bag mixes can make a lot of sense for a chain, where multiple stores are concerned, but for a single store operation, I can’t see a lot of justification, except for convenience, and that convenience will come at a price. With what we’re paying for flour and cheese today, that’s a price that we can ill afford to pay. My advice is to look into the A&D Scales (great value for the money) <> or contact Stein Carlsen at For convenience, you can always weigh up the salt, sugar (if used) and instant dry yeast into containers so all you will need to do is to put the water into the mixing bowl, add the flour and the "goodie bag that you made, then mix at low speed for 2-minutes, add the oil while mixing for 1-minute at low speed, then finish mixing for 8-minutes at medium speed. As for ingredient suppliers, plan to attend one of the pizza shows. This should be a “must do” thing for anyone just getting into the business. The suppliers and contacts that you wil be exposed to at a show will prove to be invaluable to you. Since you’re looking to do a T&B you might want to look at either Pactive <> or Menasha Packaging at <> for the ovenable paperboard trays. I also like to use the Pizza Wrap and Pizza Capper from Shield Manufacturing (Tel: 405-677-6222) for over wrapping the pizzas.
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Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor