Bathroom use Abuse

How does everyone deal with employees who abuse going to the bathroom. The employees know its one of those things I cant question. I was wondering if anyone has ideas

Could you be more specific about how they are abusing it?

I can only share in your pain. 20 minutes before the end of their estimated end of shift they ask to go to the bathroom. I’m never thinking about what time it is until after I say yeah go ahead. They come back 15 minutes later.

You can mark your watch to when they need to go.
If they have nothing on their screen you look up and youre like wheres Joe? Oh hes in the bathroom.

I go downstairs expecting to see my prep guy cutting chicken… doing something… nope in the bathroom

I tell the delivery driver who just walked in- get some dishes done, next deliveries are 10 minutes away. I go out back delivery driver is in the bathroom

The employees take their break but make sure to go to the bathroom when they come back from their break end. Oh yeah and they make sure to go to the bathroom right before their break starts

I usually just cut peoples hours when they abuse bathroom breaks. Hit them we’re it hurts right in the pocket:) they will get the message or they will quit.

its a double edged sword with the phones…when you crack down they know the bathrooms are their safe haven

For a while, I told them they could go but had to leave the phone on the delivery table

They go to the bathroom to text/Facebook/VAPE/snort a pill

•Can I put one of those Air BNB type locks on the door so I can change the numerical code every day. So they have to ask for the code to use the bathroom it could make them think twice about their 5th bathroom trip in their 5 hour shift

I have had to address this. I have asked them if there was some kind of medical issue as the other employee feel they are being left to do the work on a consistan basis. I have told them if the condition inhibits their abillity to work at certain times we need to address it.

If their is no health issue, I also have a cell phone policy. If I believe they are using the restroom to talk on the phone, I tell them to leave their phone on the counter.

I have a no cell phone in the counter policy. Those things are disgustingly dirty. I’m trying to think up a way to bonus the.workers and decrease the bonus for every bathroom trip above a certain number per shift

I would question if I need that person. If they are clearly abusing the situation, they have no respect for you or their fellow employees. That creates morale issues. Is that person more important that the whole teem? I would reduce their hours and tell them the reason why (you spend more time in the restroom than working) or replace them.

Replace is the operative word here. With so many having the Stimulus Flu, its next to impossible to hire anyone right now


Yea, same here. I just lost a driver who worked 15 to 20 a week. Everyone was to pickup the slack. I believe they were ok with her being gone. It got a little hairy on the weekend but we made it. I have since hired someone.

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